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About Ecolub S.A.


ECOLUB S.A, is a company specialized in shipping with experience in laytime matters. This sector of shipping provide the tools to look for, negotiate, fix, calculate and protect the clients from shippers, charterer and shipowners. The professionals also involved in our company are skilled to carry-out the consult with a very high technical level.

On the other side we understand also that not all the shipping companies have all professionals for all the matter involved in shipping. May be also it some season of the year the chartering sector need external support to complete calculations or defend the position of the company. In some case the shipping company need to build an specific charter-party or a contract of affreightments to negotiate a big or an special business involved in shipping.

So, our company can offer a professional team very well qualified with a high technical level, responsibility, transparency, discretionary, engagement and critical capacity.