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Consultancy Services

  • 1.  To have the right information as a basic pre-requisite for chartering and shipping department in order to build the conditions for the prevailing supply and demand.
  • 2.  Collecting all clauses included to compute laytime and demurrage.
  • 3.  To draft the most convenient clauses for the particular charter.
  • 4.  To propose the most convenient draft for fixing the freight.

LaytimeEfficient Laytime Management

What is Laytime?

It is the time during which a vessel is lying always safely afloat, for the purpose of loading, discharging or waiting for orders, as distinct from moving, first stage of the voyage with the object of sailing to loading port or place and third stage of voyage for carrying her cargo from loading port or place to discharging port or place

Why Laytime must be stipulated?

Must be an stipulation about the time used on loading and discharging of cargo, a period of time express or implied stipulated. In case not stipulated them, there are a reasonable period of time implied by law; but the law or the parties fix such period. Now, When they fix the time?, How is fixed?. Stipulating certain number of days (or hours) during which although the vessel is at disposition of charterers to load or discharge the cargo, the time not counting for the use of the vessel. That is the meaning of “Lay-days”.